Ha! They Are Both Asleep

Ha! Both kids are asleep before nine! AND, they’re in the SAME room. The kids are two and one and until tonight, the two year old has been going to bed around eight in the room by himself and his little sister has been sleeping with us.

But tonight we changed things around and I wondered, for about an hour as I pretended to sleep and peek looks at my computer, if it was going to work. I DOUBTED myself and my bright idea of beginning this room sharing thing. But now they are asleep.

For awhile they both chattered. My boy talked quietly to himself about what we would do in the morning: “Daddy wake up. Go downstairs. Mommy coffee. Me sister cereal. Yogurt” The little girl just chattered in baby sounds throwing her binky over the side of her co-sleeper every few minutes and indignantly protesting that it was gone.

And then they began to quiet down and now both, and the dog, are sound asleep and I am BLOGGING!

And realizing that the night is still young and that this night might turn in to one of the nights where they each wake up or where just one wakes up or where I just can’t sleep, but for now, all is good and I have reserved hope that perhaps I will get a good night’s rest this beautiful evening.

THE NEXT DAY (No such luck on the night’s rest! A wide awake baby at 2:30. An annoying cough from me till 4:30 and a wide awake little toddler at 5:30 and a bright eyed little baby at 6:15. But maybe tonight will be better?!!


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