The Seduction

Walking up the stairs to the bedroom, a shoe lies on the second stair.  A few steps later, a rose colored silk scarf.  Three more stairs a dress and a couple steps above, PANTS.  Oh…whatever is next?  Some other article of clothing draped over the railing? Rose petals on the bed?  A flower on the pillow?  No no no.

What is next is a clean unused diaper pilfered from my backpack.

This is life post baby as I climb up the stairs in my one year old’s wake.

I don’t know if my husband would ever be so bold as to leave a trail of clothing and so romantic as to bring home some rose petals, but certainly it’s not happening these days and not about to happen in the near future.

And the pile of condoms strewn across the floor?  No, not my husband’s attempt at getting us in the mood.  Just the work of Mr. Two Year Old showing off to little sister how well he can get into any nook and crany that he wants.

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