Two-Year Old With a Cold

“Want to go to the store with me?” I ask my two-year-old who loves the walk.  “Noooooooo” he says with a pitiful whine and twist of his body.  My husband looks at me with wide beseeching eyes clearly saying, “You must.  I can’t cook dinner with him and the baby in their current sickly end of the world moods”.

I ask again with fun in my voice, “Wanna WALK to the store with me?”  Again it’s as if I’ve asked him to do something so horrible he can’t even maintain his standing position.

I then say, “I’m going to the store.  Who wants to go with me?”  And he pipes up, “ME!!!”.

My husband says, “You’re a genius”.  Wry smile.  If only I was.  I think we just lucked out and I wish ever more that he gets over this cold as soon as possible.

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