Eggnog and Rum and a Blizzard on the Way

Usually I look forward to a good storm – I enjoy the wildness of it and the energy, as well as the chance to hang out at home OR to get all dressed up and go trudging around in it as if I’m a really tough Arctic explorer.

I do live in rural Alaska and we do get our fair share of storms.  I remember thinking when I first moved to this region and battled the 50+ miles-per-hour winds on foot to walk to the Post Office that is was exhilaratingly fantastic.  There aren’t really any dangers of dangerous objects flying off roofs and hitting you in the head because everything that was gonna blow away already has.  I think that was a particularly windy year.

It hasn’t been so windy lately and tomorrow we are expecting a storm that is expected to be one of the worst ones ever for this region.  At first the NOAA site said it would rival the storm of 1974.  Huh?  I have no clue what that means, but obviously something happened in 1974 that made some lasting impressions on the weather service.

Now the storm is expected to surpass the old record breaker.

I’m not one to overreact, but I find myself a little…concerned.

Seventy five miles per hour plus winds.  Seas of nine feet.  (We live on the sea.)  Fourteen or more inches of snow.  Blizzard conditions.  Major flooding expected because the ocean has not frozen yet.

The businesses on the ocean street are boarded up and some are evacuated.  I don’t really expect that our house will flood or get knocked down (at least I sure hope not), but I can easily imagine broken windows and a loss of electricity (and heat) for several days.

Oh…and toilets!  I just thought of that.  Oh, sighing.  When houses freeze up, so do the toilets.  Ugh.  Well, that’s not so bad as long as we’re prepared with buckets and toilet seats to put on the buckets and bags to line inside the buckets.

And water – water saved up in our largest pots (for drinking, not for toilets).

And food – I did go and purchase a bunch of food that could be eaten without cooking.  Peanut butter and jelly and salami and cheese (not all together) can certainly sustain us and the kids, but….I wonder if I should have purchased bags of Doritos and boxes of cookies – things that will seem a lot more appetizing while bundled up all together under the covers.

It was four degrees outside this morning.

It was also a long day at work where nothing got accomplished and lots of phone calls were made trying to accomplish things and then finally tonight just before eight I was able to get people off on planes and papers signed and things completed.  Sighing – a lot more to do, but plenty of time tomorrow…

Except that I feel a strong need to vacuum, dust, clean, organize, finish laundry and Get Ready for the storm.  Hopefully I can get that done in the morning and spend the afternoon taking care of my work and the folks there.

The storm is expected to roll in tomorrow around supper time.  Today was chillingly cold, but beautiful and the ocean was calm and the sky bright blue and the snow on the ground condensed down into into a sharp glass like cold.  Hard to imagine that tomorrow night at six the biggest storm will be coming this way.

My kids are now sound asleep and I’m going to go downstairs and have an Eggnog (with rum) with my husband and enjoy the calm before the storm.

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