Bering Sea Superstorm – It’s a Big One

When a storm of epic proportions comes ones way, but doesn’t get to its peak till midnight or so, do you stay awake or go to sleep?  Do you try to sleep upstairs where the house is really creaking and moving, but which will stay warmer if the electricity goes out,  or downstairs which is quieter, but more airy?

The downstairs is a lot like being on some snazzy train that runs along smoothly with consistent vibrations and subtle shaking and little clicks and clacks.  Upstairs is like being on a boat moored in a dock during a storm.  I have to admit that I like the upstairs because of the cozy feel, but I feel a bit stressed being so far from the front door (except WHERE would I go?)

Then I got to thinking that perhaps everything sounded far worse from inside so I put on my winter gear and went out to video or take photos and just to check it out.  By out, I mean I went ten feet from my front door.

The snow is starting to drift up in various places.  The wind is sweeping down the street from the east, but also whipping in from the north with monster little gusts.  Videotaping with my phone just doesn’t do the storm justice and just got me freezing cold hands and a really wet phone.

The storm itself isn’t necessarily any worse, from MY perspective in front of my house, than past blizzards for this region.  What is scary is that the big part of the storm hasn’t even hit.  I certainly know that at this point I wouldn’t want to drive in it and I certainly wouldn’t want to go on the roads that aren’t lined with houses to buffer the blowing snow.

What is fun tonight, however, is that people I know from the region are all over Facebook commenting and chatting and sharing snippets of their evening.  It’s like a snowday, but for adults in modern times and I enjoye feeling connected to folks.

Hmmm – 61 mile an hour gusts recorded just now.

I admit to a queasiness in my stomach.

And now I am going to go to bed upstairs with my family – or at least going to try.

(Did I say downstairs was quiet?  Even as I prepared to press submit, the number of sounds just seemed to increase – snow slamming against the windows, a non stop rattling, more shaking and a couple things falling.  It’s wild.)

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