Giddy, Disappointed, Inconvenienced, Ashamed, Awed, Concerned, Appreciative

A Journal of My Feelings For the Day

7:30 AM – Giddy – Feeling a Connection to Ravens Playing in the Wind

Dark outside, our house is okay, the streets are snowy slushy ground, – SO much fun to walk down to the seawall, lean forward into the powerful ocean wind and try to move forward with no success.  Afterwards, a jaunt through town on foot to check in on work and drive an employee home.  I felt great!

8:30 AM – Disappointed – Losses

I had two favorite hats that were made in New Zealand from possum fur and wool.  They were perfect to fit into a pocket and keep my head dry and warm in all but the coldest part of winter.  My husband lost one on a trip to a village this last summer and this morning I lost the other.  I was wearing it on top of my face mask and it must have blown off my head when I was walking to work.  “Blown off your head and you didn’t notice?”  you might ask.  Well, it WAS a bit breezy and…I guess I just didn’t notice.  I looked for it and walked around, but it’s gone.

8:30ish AM – Giddy Again – NO POWER!

Prepared and ready we just reached for our headlamps, passed the kids flashlights, lit the candles, turned off our battery powered lights and enjoyed the living room with the soft glow of candles.  (There was a touch of discontent during this time when I decided I NEEDED coffee, but my husband and I weathered through that one).  And just as the house started to cool off, the power came on.  A perfect power outage indeed!

4:30 – Inconvenienced – How Much is Too Much?

I can’t take a shower.  Not because our water supply is down or our power is out, but because we have three big buckets of water sitting in the tub in preparation for a week of no electricity.  Going without water stresses me out a bunch and I admit that in hindsight, three bins/buckets of water is probably excessive.  Our house would freeze up (along with all that water) long before we would be able to consume that much.  I still don’t want to pour it down the drain just yet because it is possible that we might need it.

4:32 – Ashamed – Can’t Take a Shower?

These are my thoughts in life – no shower, missing hat, what to do with our day.  The storm is not over and a number of villages along the west coast of Alaska are still in the thick of things preparing to evacuate houses as the tides come in.  The water level is so high that the tides are truly a danger.  In Diomede, the monster metal connexes were picked up and taken away by the ocean – thank goodness they weren’t thrown up against the buildings!  Their night is not over.  Nor Golovin or Shaktoolik or Unalakleet where the Coast Guard flew over to check things out.  Nor Kivalina where the only place to evacuate to is the school.  So many people dealing with really big things.

7:00 – Awed – Out For a Walk

My husband went for a walk after dinner while I stayed with the kids and when he returned I went out.  I LOVE it outside at night and tonight was no exception.  I was bundled up and felt impervious to the chilly wind.  I walked down to River Street which is aptly named because it is now a river from the four o’clock high tide.  I then walked along the ocean street where long industrial hoses snaked out of the basement doors spitting out an amazing amoung of water onto the streets.  The business owners must be tired, but the businesses are also all open.  And then I walked to the edge of the seawall and watched the ocean and felt the spray against my face and breathed in the air and looked at the moon and felt the awe that goes with all those things.

7:30 – Concerned  – Facebook

Came home and saw a photo on Facebook of the rising water in Golovin and the waves crashing against the buildings in Diomede and felt true concern for friends and families and the people in those communities

8:14 – Appreciative – Sleeping Children, Eggnog and Sitting Next to My Sweety

This one hasn’t happened yet – well, the kids are asleep.  The little girl fell asleep right away and little boy is curled up next to me under his blanket gently breathing away.  As soon as I finish this blog post, I’m heading downstairs and hopefully having some nice quiet time with my honey and appreciating the little things in life which are really quite big.

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