Superstorm – Continues On! Thank Goodness for Funnels.

So…just MOMENTS after trying to post a video on my Facebook account of my foray  out and about in the dark morning-after weather, the POWER went out!

We were prepared.  So we passed out flashlights, lit candles and covered the cracks in the doors to help preserve heat.  My son and I sat down to make Thanksgiving turkeys by candlelight and my husband played guitar.

Totally idyllic.

Except that I was crabby and ready for a cup of coffee and breakfast and I hadn’t had those things and I wanted my husband to help solve the problem.  He had the camp stove out and fuel for the stove but didn’t really want to go outside and boil water.

He said we should try to minimize the amount we opened the door and let cold air in.  It’s a good point, but I still wanted coffee.

He tried pouring the fuel into the camp stove and said, “Do you have a funnel?”

Grinning – of COURSE I have a funnel.  In my backpack!  In my backpack that has things it never used to have before babies, but now has random things like funnels because I thought it would be a fun toy.

Things were a touch tense for a few minutes as we “talked” out our feelings.

And then he bundled up and went out the back door into our dilapitated shed which serves as a bit of a shield from the wind and I continued doing activities with the kids by candlelight.

And then my honey came back inside with a pot of steaming hot water and he put it in the French Press and ta..da….the power came back on!

But this cup of coffee is pretty much the BEST one I’ve had in a long time.

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