Superstorm – The Morning After

Fantastic wind down on the ocean this morning! It was so strong I couldn’t get close enough to really film it. The walk to the ocean was great.  About a block from my house, my hats flew off (winter hats flew off) and I had to turn and run about a block back to get them.  The temperatures have warmed up so the snow that is left is slushy and easy to walk in.

Front Street which was evacuated looked okay.  The snowplows had already cleared two lanes and there was a berm in the middle of the road.  I crossed over and went up to the lot that overlooks the ocean – and I couldn’t get there!  I was in a drift up to my knees so I had good traction, but I could barely move forward – one step here, another there.  It was amazing how powerful the wind was and made me appreciate how awful it would have been to be anywhere outside in the middle of the night.

The high tide is around noon today so that will be a fun time to check things out unless the roads are slick.  If the roads freeze up, NO WAY will I go walking in the gusty winds, but right now…it’s fantastic.

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