Baby Boy Breathing in My Ear

Nestled up against me, breathing in my ear, tracing the mole on my cheek and quietly whispering about dots (the mole), I am in love with my little boy and thankful for all the hours of cuddling, sleeping next to him, and carrying him around in a front pack under my winter jacket because it has led to moments just like this.

For most of this past year as a one-year-old becoming a two-year-old, he was going to bed really well.  Dad and boy would go upstairs around 7, read books, talk about the books, giggle and and then Dad would tuck him in bed with a kiss, a good-night and a bottle and our boy was out like a light.

But now we are in the process of transitioning baby girl from the cosleeper in our room to the cosleeper in little boy’s room.  For the first few days, I’d lie on the mattress in the room and blog while she relaxed into sleep and then I’d make my departure.

But little boy has rediscovered how nice it is to have me in the room with him – and I with him so in some ways we have gone backwards. I can not just get up and leave because he knows how to pull the two-year-old protest which would wake up sister – and in all honesty, I’m content to lie on my back with the computer rested on my crossed legs reading the news online or coming up with blog posts while he snuggles up next to me whispering pieces of fairytales, events from the day, and practicing new vocabulary (yesterday he practiced “am”)

Sadly (and thankfully), little girl is falling asleep so well that she won’t really need me in the room much longer and will probably sleep through little boy’s protest when we go back to the kiss good night and exit out of the room routine.  Little boy will probably adjust within one night or so, but for this weekend, I want to put it off and savor these moments with sweet little boy breathing in my ear and sweet little girl learning to sleep on her own.

And I can’t help but wonder as people read this post, how many will think it is schmaltzy, how many it will resonate with, and how many will be alarmed that we shared beds with our children and gave our son a bottle at bed (and still do).  I’d love feedback and comments so I could 1.  Know who is reading the posts and 2. Defend what we do and 3. Generate a positive forum where people can share the ways of nurturing that have worked for them.

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