Sleep Deprived

I was SO tired, I…

1. Poured my milk on my pasta instead of in my cup

2. Balanced the hot frying pan on my chest

3. Drank a full mug of coffee, before realizing it was just hot water and not coffee at all.

Those first two examples were stolen from my friends’ Facebook pages.  One person is a nursing student working and studying all sorts of crazy hours.  The other is an already established mom, with a newborn.  The third one was my own doing.

I woke up one morning and, like pretty much everyday, started making my coffee while I brushed my teeth.  Finished with my teeth, I poured myself a mug and sat down to check emails and newspaper headlines.  I drank the coffee, and I ENJOYED it and decided to get some more.  On the way into the kitchen, I noticed I could see the designs at the bottom of my mug through the remaining coffee.  “Odd”, I thought.  I didn’t realize the designs were so strongly done that they could be seen through a dark liquid.  “Interesting”, I thought.

Then I got to the coffee pot and realized that the pot was clear and that the “coffee” I was drinking was merely boiled water.  What’s crazy is that all the clues were there.  The water certainly didn’t taste like coffee, but that didn’t register.  The designs from the mug were visible through the liquid and I even noticed it was odd – the first time I’d ever noticed anything and rather than thinking something was awry, I just figured it was some quirk I’d never observed – after drinking coffee for decades!

The reason?  I was sleep deprived.  And I still am.  Last night was another doozy.  Not as bad as a kids-sick-in-the-middle-of-the-night night, but another bad night nonetheless.  Little girl woke up (she’s teething) and that woke up boy and then boy got back to sleep, but girl didn’t and then when girl was quieting down, boy woke up again in distress that he was awake.  And so on.  Until I called it quits and suggested we all go down and have breakfast two hours earlier than normal.

I opted not to go in to work in the morning so that we could take early morning naps and regroup.  They both slept, but not I.  It’s hard to nap knowing that the chance of being woken is high.  In all honesty, I did sleep, but it was only for 30 minutes before little girl called out waking me from my exhausted drooling slumber and, before I could fall back asleep, the phone rang regarding work.

I try to appreciate the great stretch of sleep I had the night before, but it’s hard to do so in today’s foggy brain.

There was an article in the LA Times the other day citing a research study that proved that sleep deprivation causes thinking errors.  Smiling.  Really?

It is a bit validating to read because I do worry that my lack of vocabulary recall or recent events is due to age or mental decline, but most likely, it is just due to lack of sleep.

There was a study I read in the NY Times several years ago that said that children who get an hour less sleep a night for three days, test two grades LOWER.  There’s a lot that goes on in our brain when we sleep – a lot of processing. (Bronson, P. October 7, 2007. NYTImes)

I know I’ve had a good night of sleep (good is defined as a stretch of more than 5 hours) when I wake up realizing I’ve been DREAMING – something it feels like my poor brain has not had much chance to do in the last few years.

Keys in the freezer.  Yes, I did that once too.

Want to add to the list?  I was SO tired, I….  (it’s always funny in retrospect)

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