The Scheming Mind of a Two-Year Old

I held up a banana and an apple.  Little boy said he wanted a banana and that his sister wanted the apple.  Really?  From what I recall, little sister loves bananas.  Usually we split the bananas and I had a slight suspicion that my darling little boy – so concerned about his sister’s snack choices – really had ulterior motives and wanted a WHOLE banana for himself.
“I’m going to ask sister which one she prefers, ” I said.

“No.  No.  Sister prefers apple” (Notice the fine persuasion tactics he uses – adopting MY vocabulary to use in his argument)

He stands in front of sister blocking my view.  I hold out the apple and banana and ask her.  She doesn’t   talk yet and has to choose by reaching for one or the other.  Guess who tries to pull down her arm?  (If words don’t work, then go into action)

Exactly.  It was a very difficult voting process because little sister’s arm, assisted by big brother, kept grabbing the wrong thing which she clearly did not want.

“Oh” I say in a surpised voice, “She wants a banana also”.

The start of a whine begins to emerge.  I can see his body begin to tighten and twist (When language and physical interaction don’t work, employ The Whine complete with The Fall to the floor).

But he pauses momentarily and looks up questioningly as I question, “Hmmm – How can we solve this problem?  You want a banana and she wants a banana”.  He knows the answer is to split a banana – I can see his mind turning and considering The Whine when I suggest a second option, “How about we get a SECOND banana?”.

Two bananas peeled.  Two bananas eaten.

I am left a bit amazed at my boy’s ability to try to control the world and plan ahead.  He’s a cunning little whippersnapper and I think this is just the beginning.

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