Thankful for Vomiting Children (TWO Days BEFORE Our Flight)

Vomiting children doesn’t make for the most pleasant Saturday, but I tell ya – I am THANKFUL.  They’ve got the stomach bug and I am thanking our lucky stars that the kiddos are sick today (and probably tomorrow) and not two days from now when we board a full day of planes to go visit family.

A friend of ours recounted a flight where the first sign of the stomach bug was on their first flight of the day.  The child threw up several times on the 90 minute hop to the big city of Anchorage (Not sure it felt like a “hop” that day).  Mom bought all new clothing at the airport (certainly not at bargain prices) for the baby and a new shirt for herself before boarding the next flight to have those things puked on as well.

I generally pack an extra t-shirt for myself and clothing for the kiddos in case a drink spills or I break out in some anxiety laden sweat when my child starts screaming (hasn’t happened yet), but I have never carried on a full change of clothing – nor two full changes.

If today was the day of our airplane….well, just thank goodness it was not.

Little boy’s pukes are fairly self contained (kinda).  Little girl has the projectile thing going. Little boy coughs a bit before he pukes so there’s a moment to kick into action and turn him in a better direction.  Little girl gives no warning that we can see.

All in all, it’s not that bad – when you’re at HOME!  My husband and I immediately jump up, de-clothe, wipe them down, clean and sanitize the floor and all is good again.  Not quite as much room to operate on an airplane.  No, nothing about being sick on an airplane sounds good.

So I am very thankful for the stomach bug hitting our house today.  And now I just hope that my husband and I, who are bound to come next, are hit strong tonight.  Tonight, tomorrow – anything but the day of our travels.

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