Yoga – Not My Scene So Much

I went to a yoga class once thinking it would be a good way for me to stretch and connect with my body and feel a bit more centered. I was wrong. I did stretch and it did feel good, but I was so BORED!

My stress energy doesn’t want to cone out by breathing and listening to a cd of calm ocean waves in a peaceful jungle. My system wants to punch or run or Get Going! For a while I felt bad or wondered if I was in some sort of denial, but I’ve come to recognize that we deal with stress differently and it would make sense that we work with it differently.

I love the energy that comes with having a full plate. It gets me enthused and interested and excited and I organize my time to fit it all in. I abhor the energy that comes with “chilling”. Well, I don’t ABHOR it because I am in fact very good at sitting around doing nothing. But I find it doesn’t really do anything for me an I end up with less energy at the end of the day than I thought possible.

I think I’ve been stressed lately and not a good level of it. If I had more stress in my life I might rise to the occasion, but if I had less I might embrace the occasion. I’m hoping to find a nice balance. So when I’m stressed I like getting out and getting stimuli in to my brain or my body. I like loud music, hikes by myself, good lectures, raquetball ( I don’t actually play, but I think I’d like it if I did).

But this is the kicker – I’m too stressed to do anything about my stress so I invariably do nothing which doesn’t really get me out of this rut. I think that’s why I went to yoga – seemed like a low energy commitment. And there really were good people there and it seemed like worthwhile stuff except that I was just so darn bored and and yearning for something more.

Energy is a fascinating thing as well as its relationship with stress and procrastination. I don’t even pretend I’m going to do some things early because I know I take advantage of the stress that comes with putting some things off to the last minute (like cleaning and packing before a trip). I’m curious how many people find they thrive on a healthy amount of stress and the types of activities people have enjoyed doing to keep that stress in a healthy check.

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