Ready for a Nap at 6:30 AM

The sun rises in the desert EARLY. And before it even comes over the mountain horizon, the cabin is lit with early morning light. And in that early morning light are two children; one of whom is a one year old child who desperately needs more sleep and cries out just that fact before nodding off again (giving the parents hope that this time she really will fall back into a deep sleep) and one of whom is wide awake litle boy just waiting for a slight movement from the parents before climbing into bed with them to snuggle, hug sister with a “good morning sister good morning” in a gentle little voice with a forehead hug and nose to embrace.

He kinda ruins any chance of little girl sleeping any longer which kinda officially ruins any chance of parents sleeping She officially wakes up, stands up and begins flopping over our faces. Husband opens an eye and I wonder what his expression will be today. I love when he smiles and today the kids are charming. He smiles. We all smile.

Little girl points to the birds at the window. Husband closes his eyes. Little boy sits on my stomach and we sing “sun sun mr golden sun please shine down on me” as we watch the sun edge over the hills. Little boy suggests the next verse should be “Ron” for our friend who is also here so we sing, “Ron Ron mr golden Ron. Please shine down on me”. And then we sang it a few more rounds using other people such as sister in law Megan. I sing “Megan Megan ms golden Megan” and wonder in my head if he notices the switching from mr to ms. We sing some more rounds and then get up to get breafast ready and pictures drawn and breakfast finished.

And the time? Very very early. By 6:30 I was pretty much ready for a nap.

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