Early Morning Conversation with a Two-Year Old

“Grandpa punched bathroom” my 26-month old boy shared with me on our morning walk.

Let me stop a second and point out those words, “Morning Walk”.

I thought the kids were kinda falling into a desert rhythm – up with the sun and down with the stars.  I was wrong.   The kids were up far before the night sky began the process of morning.  Five am.   At five am while I was sleeping soundly I heard a sweet little voice in my ear say, “mommy?”. I turned to my little smiling boy and he climbed into bed, nestled in next to me and began to quietly talk to himself.

He often does this before nodding back off, but this morning he was wide awake. After a short bit he let me know he needed a diaper.  Knowing that there was no chance of sleep, I began picturing a walk outside in the dark desert morning with my boy.   I quietly slid out of the bed and immediately soundly-sleeping-little-girl began crying – the kind of crying where she was now wide awake.  So I scooped her up, put shoes (and a fresh diaper) on my boy and headed outside and hoped we’d have a good walk and the others would get to sleep.

And the walk was GOOD!  It was beautiful out and the sky was starting to lighten up. We saw some birds begin to wake up and there is something fun about saying that we were up before the birds.  And now back to where I started…

We were walking along and little boy says, “Grandpa punched bathroom yesterday”.

Wow.  Let me repeat that – grandpa PUNCHED the bathroom wall  My little boy is absorbing everything and SHARING everything! But the idea of grandpa punching a hole on the bathroom just didn’t jive with my picture of my father-in-law.  It didn’t jive one bit so I questioned my son and he repeated the info and I wondered if perhaps this very gentle seeming man had an inner Hyde that I knew nothing about.

And then I wondered if THiS was even possible. No less did it not fit his temperament, but to punch the bathroom wall in front of his grandson??? And then my boy adds, “Daddy punched bathroom yesterday.  Daddy and grandpa punched bathroom”

And it fell into place. They PLUNGED the bathroom toilets! I checked with my son if this was correct and he confirmed it was.  And then he told me that grandpa also read him In the Night Kitchen as we walked back to the cabin with the sun beginning to peek over the horizon holding hands on a beautiful early morning walk.

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