The Bed Time Routine

Little one-year old girl with the loud voice began to use her loud voice (it’s not really an actual voice yet, more of a scream).  We checked if she wanted more zucchini? Chicken? Potatoes? Water?  She shook her head “no” for all but the water so we passed her the cup of water and she sipped it, reassessed, and shook her head “no”.  She’s all about this new head shaking and nodding thing.  For a week it didn’t really correlate with anything, but now that she’s got the motion in place – she’s using it!  After some more crying and head shaking, it dawned on us that she might be tired.

We asked, “You want to go to bed?” and she turned and walked towards the stairs with a head nod.  Bingo.  So I accompanied her up and put her in the co-sleeper (which now sits away from bed in her brother’s room) and she flopped down and I thought, “Wow – nice easy night again”.  SO wrong.

She began to complain and throw her binky out.  I retrieved the binky and put it back in without giving her attention, but the fussing and grumping continued.  I determined it’s because she wanted big brother in the room since usually they go to bed at the same time so I called down to my husband and he began prepping little boy for bed.

And soon we are all in the room and I’m tucked under the blankets ready to quietly blog, but little boy is chattering (not just mumbling, but downright chattering) and little girl is clearly not on board.  She begins trying to climb out of the co-sleeper and I say, “No” which stops her in her tracks.

But as little boy begins parroting (and embellishing) me in the background, “NO, no, nooo, No”, I realize I’d rather have used the Super Nanny approach with a simple, “It’s time for bed sweetheart”.  But I don’t think I’ve missed my chance completely – I imagine she will try climbing out again at a future date.

She’s now singing.  She was just practicing her “b” sounds.  Little boy is naming the family members (including the frog) and counting them on his fingers.  Oooops – I looked at her and now she is keening.  Is that an appropriate use of that word?  Regardless, I’ve learned my lesson to keep my eyes on the computer.  Little boy is now admonishing his sister, “No, no, no, quiet, mommy typing on computer.  Hi mom.  I sleep here with you” as he cuddles up next to me.

It’s hard to imagine an end in sight, but I bet (though not lots of money) that all will be quiet in ten minutes.  Hard to trust in that, but I tell myself to just keep doing as I’m doing and they will fall into their already practiced grooves of bedtime.

I wish the gift of a good bedtime (and a good night’s sleep) to all the parents out there on this beautifully stormy December eve.


Oh my – it’s FOUR minutes later and I don’t know if I should keep holding my breath or just giggle a bit from holding my breath – they’re QUIET! It’s absolutely amazing how that can happen. Oh. Nix that.  Little boy just rolled over and asked in a loud voice, “Sister doing?” I whisper, “She’s sleeping.”  He then asks, “Auntie?”  “Grandma?” “Grandpa?”  Laughing quietly – maybe it will take a few more minutes before he really dozes off.

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