Getting Old – Not as Bad as I Expected

“Can you list any weaknesses?”, I asked the reference check over the telephone for a possibly employee.  “Hmmm.  No – Only I worry that she overextends herself”.

That used to be me.  I used to overextend myself.  I was a sponge pulling in new information, eager to take on new jobs, excited to chip in.  And now…smiling ruefully and sighing…and now I just sit in the car seat and laugh with my husband about getting old as he says, “I got up this morning.  I think I got a lot accomplished”.

“We’re getting old,” he says again and I nod in confirmation.  We sit in our seats with the -14 temperatures buffeting our car, too tired to climb out and haul the baby into the restaurant for lunch.

It’s 11:45 am and we are a-okay with our current state.

We thought getting old would be dreadful and horrid, but it just kinda sneaks up on you and you’re so tired anyway, you just don’t care.  It’s a little funny how that is.

(Side Note – I don’t REALLY think we’re THAT old, but we’re certainly not the vibrant go-getters we once were.  Perhaps two children in two years does that to you – we are going to assume that is it and some of our youthful vigor will return as the children get a little older.)

And after another cup of coffee.

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