Everybody’s Got One

“No. I have gyna. Sister has penis.”   Hmmmm.


“No sweety. You are a boy! You have a penis! Sister is a girl. She has a vagina.”


“Nooooo. No want penis. Want gyna.  Sister wants penis.”


“Oh sweety.  Boys have a penis.  Dog is a boy.  He has a penis.  DADDY is a boy.  What does he have?”


Little boy looks over at his dad who is doing dishes at the kitchen sink.


“Pots.  Daddy has pots.”


“Yes.  Daddy has pots.”


“No.  No Daddy have pots.  I want pots”


Hmmmm.  (Not quite sure how to respond)


Sister approaches brother.


“No sister.  No.  I have penis.  You have gyna.  No penis you.  No.”


Satisfied smile on my face – guess we weathered through that anatomy lesson with flying stars.

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