A Morning in the Life of a Marriage

“I bet we could use these pie tins,” I said holding up a set of three aluminum pie tins that were sitting on the floor of our car (don’t even begin to wonder why we had pie tins on the floor of the car, but we did).  My husband looked at me and scoffed, “No – that’s not going to work”.

I don’t need to say much else.  Of course they did work.  Not for pies, but for some traction to get our car out of a snow drift.

And this little interchange was just a small part of our hour-plus-long morning effort to get to the local breakfast with Santa during the blizzard.

It wasn’t so blizzardy when we left our house at nine in the morning.  The jet had managed to arrive and was preparing to take off.  The streets had been plowed and visibility was okay for a blizzard.  (We get a lot of blizzards around here and we really do have an amazing road plowing crew so going out was not out of the ordinary.)

However, ordinarily we’d walk, but the blowing 20 mile an hour snow stung a bit and we figured that wouldn’t go over well with the kids -even if they were super bundled up.  So we took our trusty, not-so-great-in-the-drifts car and left our house.  We wanted to swing by my work and that was where things went awry.

We looked at the road which had been plowed, but not recently.  There was an obvious area where the snow was thicker and I said, “I don’t think our car will make it”.  My husband said, “Yes it will”.  He was wrong.  We got very stuck.

I’m sure he thinks it’s because I didn’t gun the car fast enough through the drift, but I don’t think that would have made a difference.  It doesn’t really matter.  What mattered is that we should have known before going out into the blizzard to wear our full winter gear, eat some breakfast and drink some coffee.

What resulted was not our finest hour.  My husband was miffed that I wasn’t helping as much.  He was cold.  I was cold, but we only had one digging instrument and one set of mitts (mine) which he was wearing so I sat in the car.  Not a good move on my part.  So I picked up on his verbal cues and kicked some snow around and then took off for home to get a shovel.

The weather was nasty.  On the road where we were stuck, we were semi-protected from the east wind, but on the road to our house it was blowing full force and incredibly hard to see.  I grabbed the shovel and some warmer clothing and went back to help.

Digging out a car can be a great fun adventure.  But this morning it wasn’t.  And I did not do my fair share.

Little girl, however, got in a nice nap and little boy just seemed content to listen to the radio while we snarled and shoved snow around.

The pie tins were a good thing so they’ll stay in the car, but next time we drive in a blizzard, we’re adding more winter gear, food and coffee.

We ended up missing the breakfast.  The wind and snow picked up considerably in that hour and by the time we got out onto the main roads, even the main roads weren’t good and the visibility was terrible and so, cutting our losses, we ran into the grocery store, picked up some essentials for a full breakfast at home and drove the three blocks back to our house.

The storm got progressively worse.  The jet didn’t take off.  The snow continued to fall (at a horizontal angle), the drifts to build up over cars, the wind speed to increase, the businesses to close – but our power stayed on and our friends from the jet that didn’t take off came to spend the night (because they couldn’t get to their house on the roads) and my husband and I are laughing about the morning, so all in all, it’s a good day IF little girl will just fall asleep.

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