The Seduction of the Mattress

There was a blizzard yesterday so our friends trying to catch a plane stayed at our house overnight because they couldn’t get home. We pulled a mattress down the stairs and put it in our living room for them.  We ate pizza and the kids made a mess and then we all went to bed.

When my husband and I woke up this morning, the downstairs was cleaned up and our friends and their baby and all their luggage were gone.  The blankets were folded, a couple more cookies were missing and all that was left was the mattress on the floor.

And that’s pretty much where I was most of the day.

I’d like to make the claim that mattresses are nice places to stretch and do sit ups (better than our hard floor) but ours turned out to be just a nice place to flop.  I had a book in my hand at one point, but even that proved too difficult.

We ate on the mattress, played on the mattress, tried to nap on the mattress, and rested on the mattress when we were too weary from the rigors of the day.

There’s a lot that is due this week and I’m harboring a touch of stress about all that needs to get done and I had fully expected today to be a productive day.  But it wasn’t – not in any sense of the word.  So I’m enjoying the remaining moments of the mattress by blogging on it and tomorrow I will wake up early and plan on having a very full busy Get-Things-Done kind of day.

And my husband and I will drag the mattress back upstairs to its proper location where it won’t entice us with its do-nothing ways.

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