Getting Down and Dirty in the Bathroom

I cleaned the toilet and bathroom sink today and I was once again amazed at all the locations where baby finger grime shows up. I know I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve had one toddler for well over a year and a second toddler for a couple months and I KNOW that they walk around with grubby greasy fingers touching everything, but yet I am still amazed at where I find the trails of slime.

And the entire time I’m bent over craning my neck to see where they’ve gripped the bottom of the stand alone sink, I’m mentally comparing our bathroom to the ones on the commercials where mothers keep their bathrooms clean enough for their infants to crawl on them.

I don’t think our bathroom qualifies.  I instead think that we are supporting the development of a healthy immune system.  It’s the only win-win situation I can think of as I get down on my knees and peer behind the toilet discovering…spaghetti sauce???

It doesn’t help that little boy has chosen to park Tonka dumptruck in the bathroom next to the toilet or that the kids love playing behind the bathroom door.  Or that we let our kids walk around after eating without always wiping down their hands – hmmm – that might be the KEY thing that is missing in our daily routine that would make all the difference.

Nonetheless, I mused as I scrubbed the bottom two feet of the fridge and the stove free of blueberry jam, I think they’d still manage to leave their mark.  How the heck do people on TV do it?

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