Dear Minus Thirty-Six Degrees…

Dear Minus Thirty-Six Degrees (I think to myself as I walk to the post office at lunch bundled up in layers of clothing),

I don’t want to say something to offend you and get the “cold shoulder” (ha-ha), but I think we really appreciate you best in small doses and this dose is getting a little long. We DO appreciate the lack of wind, but we would not be offended if you wanted to breeze along for a while.


A Person Tired of Feeling Stuck Inside

The cold has worn out its welcome. On the way to the Post, I saw two neighbors replacing car batteries. From Facebook, I know of several others who have done the same thing. Our own car is still sitting at the airport. It didn’t rise to the occasion of starting in the cold back on December 28th so we just gave it a pat on the hood and hopped in a local communal taxi van. We’ll try to start it once temps get above zero.

What amazes me is how many things function well and adapt to the cold. Our pipes do just fine as long as we take a hair dryer to them in a few key locations and leave the bathroom door open for heat to waft in from the kitchen. The two heaters that serve our home plug away heating and heating and have no complaints as long as we go out and clear the snow from their intake pipes every so often. My husband’s bike still manages to work if he takes it inside overnight and doesn’t stop pedaling when he’s riding to work.  The ravens still fly and play and hang out on light posts. And even we adapt to the cold.

Last night we took our kids out to dinner, first walking down to the frozen ocean to take a photo. Our kids were just fine bundled up in snow pants and fleece hoodies and down jackets with face masks and mitts and hats with just their eyes peeping out. They didn’t bat an eye and enjoyed getting out of the house and out for a walk and stroller ride, but I still am amazed that this is what our life is – so different than the warmer temps I grew up in. And still appreciative of how COLD it is – just a few seconds of hands in the air to take a photo is enough to chill them through and through.

The light this time of year is wonderful. It’s dark until 10:40 or so and then the air is a beautiful blue as the civil twilight begins. The sun doesn’t actually rise above the horizon till past noon. The darkest part of the year can feel like it goes on forever or it can rush right by depending on how cozy your home is and how much you can get out and enjoy the frozen white land (Not quite as easy when it’s thirty below).

The Light Around Five PM

The Sun Rising (Around One PM)

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