Toddler Math

“Mommy, come draw with me.”

“Not now, sweety,” I say while I peruse for necessary items.

“Mommy, please come draw with me.”

“Not now, sweety.  How about in five minutes?”

“Not five minutes.”

“I’ll set my timer.  Which would you prefer: four or five minutes?”

My little boy stands on the chair and ponders and then says, “Zero minutes.”

My husband and I let out big guffaws at our son’s wit and cleverness.

I smile and say that’s not an option and ask how long I should set the timer for.

He thinks a moment and says, “Eight minutes”.

I set the timer.  He plays (on my lap).  The timer goes off eight minutes later and I say good-bye to non-important items on amazon and break out the drawing pad.


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4 responses to “Toddler Math

  1. Linda Peppers

    That’s so funny–
    He sounds just like his mother!

  2. Dennis Keith

    Sounds like he picked up his Ahna’s math ability. (said lovingly from Uppa at Ahna’s suggestion).

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