Minus Thirty-Eight Degrees – We’re Going Out

There’s an art to dressing in cold weather.  It takes some time to perfect and collect the mismatched clothing that works for you, but once you get it down, it’s pretty easy to get in an out the door with minimal fuss – snow pants, jacket, hat, mitts – done!

There is also an art to getting kids dressed and out the door.  Big boy nominates little girl to get dressed first and runs and hides so he can be second.  Second?  My, that will change soon enough I imagine.  Little girl gets hot pretty quickly so she starts hollering once her snow bibs and fleece are put on.   So, we do a rotating kind of thing.  Each person gets snowpants and boots on.  Then comes the fleece.  Then the mitts followed by the jacket so that the mitts poke out from the nice snug cuffs.  And then face masks and hats followed by the final jacket.  It’s a process, but also amazing how quickly it goes once the right gear has been found.

And right gear does not mean new items from REI or specially ordered clothing – it means a hodgepodge mishmash of things that just seem to do the trick and allow the kid some mobility and soon become their winter style.

I pulled gear out of our corner pile this morning and at 10:00 we began getting dressed.  We were out the door by 10:16 and to the gym by 10:35.  The walk up to the gym for kid time was beautiful.  Little girl fell right asleep.  My eyelashes froze together.  Little boy pointed out icicles and ravens along the way.  When we got to the gym, I undressed the kids and their hands and toes and tummies were toasty.

They played and ran and tried out roller skating (In actuality, much of the time they sat on my lap “warming up” to the new location, but after that, then they played) and at 11:50 we began dressing up again to head back home.  And now they are both sound asleep.  Um…No, they are not.  Darn.



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2 responses to “Minus Thirty-Eight Degrees – We’re Going Out

  1. That picture of your little ones all bundled up has to be THE most adorable picture in the world! I get frustrated just dressing my little one for a quick trip out in this year’s mild winter weather here in Boston . I can’t even imagine how long it takes you to dress your kids for winter weather in Alaska!

    • When I first moved to Western Alaska I was amazed at how fast little kids could get all dressed up to go out to recess, but then I realized it’s because they start practicing at such an early age!

      But it’s not really so bad once you figure out the right combination of clothing AND if you pile up that clothing where it doesn’t get lost! Currently little girl is wearing a jacket that feels too bulky on her so she walks like Frankenstein. I plan to keep my eyes out for something more agreeable – thank goodness for the local thrift store where people pass along outgrown winter gear!!!

      But there are days when the fifteen minutes of getting the kids dressed and out the door seems quite daunting, but it’s definitely worth it.

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