Resolve is a Quiet Matter

It’s day five of the new year and I have yet to seriously list any resolutions.  Certainly there is my list of things I aspire to do – hope to do, but they are not really resolutions.

A resolution is something that is resolute – that implies committment and focus and concentration and real change.  People turn to mantras and key words and themes for the year and I enviously want to do the same.  But it’s already post-new year and I’ve had no brilliant epiphany.

Except that I have.  There are things I would like to change and never do, but now with less on my plate, I have the space to refocus some energy.

And for that, I find myself turning inward to a quieter spot and moving forward on a very uphill path – by myself, without telling anyone, without sharing (granted – I am blogging, but I’m not really saying much) and it feels nice to concentrate.

It’s like when you’re focussed or “in the zone”.  I feel a bit like that.  The trick is to maintain it over a period of time.  I don’t want to talk or share about it yet, because I don’t want to “count my eggs before they hatch” or distract myself.

I once watched a teen boy participating in Native Youth Olympics high kick (where you run and jump up on one foot, hit a ball that is dangling like ten feet above you with that SAME foot and then land on the SAME foot and balance) and before beginning his approach, he turned to the audience and began clapping.

I couldn’t imagine doing it that way.  And then I realized (actually, I might have been told) that he was doing it to muster up energy.  The building enthusiasm of the crowd did not break his concentration, but rather served to give him energy and more focus.  Wildly different approach than mine.

And some things – the to-do’s and the big choices – I like sharing those out loud and getting feedback and making committments to them and feeling accountable, but the deeper to-do’s (the one’s far easier to flake out on), I prefer a quiet individual approach.

And so through my head this week I keep hearing, “Resolve is a Quiet Matter”.

Gadz – I sure hope so – because I’d like a change!

And you?  Do your big changes come from something very deep and focused or from the energy and support of friends and family?  Or a bit of both?


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2 responses to “Resolve is a Quiet Matter

  1. I’d have to agree. There are things I am changing that I tend to keep to myself. Maybe because I if I fail, others won’t necessarily know I tried. But sometimes there is no need to make any official announcement or proclamation. Sometimes it is just time to take some action, silent action.

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