Bedtime and Toddler Brilliance

“It’s time for bed, Sweetheart,” I said as I scooped up little two-year old and plopped him back in bed. As I turned away, he said,”Noooo.  I have choices.  Choices.  I have choices.”

Where the heck did my little guy learn such language?

Obviously we give him choices all over the place, but when did he adopt such an ownership of the idea.

“No, sweety.  You don’t really have choices when it comes to bedtime,” I wanted to say, but I held my tongue, said nothing at all that would engage us in conversation, and sat down in the chair with my computer to blog.

He started to slide out of the bed, slid back in bed and then quickly got out ran over and hugged me while saying, “just one hug – I need one hug” and dashed back into his bed (How does one respond to that – totally cheating and getting out of bed, but so QUICK)

And then he slowly faded off to sleep.


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2 responses to “Bedtime and Toddler Brilliance

  1. Dennis Keith

    We love it! We’re leaving for our walk laughing.

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