Songs That Stick in Your Head?

I wipe the counters clean with “Down By the Bay” belting out of my mouth. I pay the bills and find myself whistling the song some more. I brush my teeth and discover I’m humming (humming!) the song.


Great song with kids – catchy tune, but I’d like something different going on in my head – maybe something that might even point out what issues my brain is working on in some deep recess (eg. “Should I Stay or Should I Go Now” when making a big decision or “What a Marvelous Night for a Moondance” while getting ready for a date – neither are issues in my life, but those two songs were the only ones I could pull up for the sake of the example)

Going through my head, I just have “Down by the Bay”.

So I say to myself, “Elise, think of another song”.

And the ONLY song that comes to mind is “Downtown” which was the first song I ever remember repeating itself in my head far past its welcome. It seems there is a room in the brain for storing “Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head” and the wonderful perky Downtown tune lodged itself there while I worked making barbecue rib sandwiches at some tiny little shack during college – a little shack that played the same music selection over and over and over – and it has now lodged its way for forever into my brain.

So which is better? Downtown or Down by the Bay? I’m voting for the latter because at least I know the lyrics. The first one gets stuck in an endless loop of, “Downtown, where the…Downtown, where the…etc”.

I think I’m going to go make some coffee and put a CD in the disk player and see if I can get my brain back.


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4 responses to “Songs That Stick in Your Head?

  1. Definately “Down by the Bay”….”Downtown” gets on my nerves sometimes!

  2. Oh shoot. Now, Down by the Bay is stuck in my head too. Argh!! 😉

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