Kisses and Snuggles

There’s been a lot of blogging about parenting on recently and if it’s hard and what constitutes good parenting and I wanted to reflect on it and write on it…

Especially after little boy refused to go down for a nap until 4:38 in the afternoon.  I wasn’t feeling the love and yet, I was also bemused with his antics.  He’d call down the stairs, “Mama bird, Mama bird, I’m done taking a nap”.  We’d played mama and baby bird this morning and as endearing as his call was, I wasn’t falling for it.

So I thought I’d write about it and then decided I’d rather just reflect on how my children kiss.

Little boy who is almost two and a half, still can not kiss.  He can do pretend bites and recently he has begun doing these on my face which I think is a modified version of a kiss.  They are always accompanied by very gentle hands and snuggles.

Little girl is not much of a cuddler.  She has other things to attend to in life and sitting on laps is not about to Get Things Done.  However, in the last couple days, she has climbed on to my lap and mouthed me and foreheaded me.  It’s very endearing.  I think it’s her version of a kiss that she has learned from her brother.

Both my kids are pretty sweet.  And, smiling, they are both asleep so it’s easier for me to immerse myself in the wonderful moments of the day (of which there were many) and to forget the not-so-wonderful ones (of which there were also many – little girl has quite the holler when she’s ready for lunch and lunch isn’t quite ready for her!).

I hope your night is a good one and plenty of sleep comes your way.


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2 responses to “Kisses and Snuggles

  1. This is so refreshing and sweet. Little, malformed kisses are just some of the greatest erasers in the whole world.

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