The Movie I Should Have Walked Out On (Writing Prompt NaBloPoMo)

I remember my mom coming into my room and sitting on my bed after she and my dad went out to a movie. My mom would tell me the story and I’d listen intently. As I grew up, I discovered that my mom and I shared the same taste in films. If she liked it, I was sure to.

Fast forward to my late twenties…I had moved to Alaska, but had just been trekking around the road system camping out for a month. It was summer but it was a rainy cold day and I didn’t want to be in the tent and I was near Anchorage so I talked to my mom and she told me about a movie she recently saw that she really enjoyed.

It was something about a man whose wife flies out of town for a business meeting and the plane crashes and as he learns more about the crash, he discovers that she had a secret life.

Secret Life. What does that say to you? To me, it meant she was some kind of international spy. Or something very Bourne Identity, MI2 kinda stuff.

I went to the theater, bought my popcorn, snuggled into my seat and was all eyes and ears for my great action intrigue couple of hours.

I watched the woman in the film board the plane and I wondered about the man shadowing her. Was she about to be assassinated?

No no no no no. Nothing happened. Really. Nothing. It turns out the woman was having an affair and when the plane crashed, the husband discovered she was having an affair and blah di di blah blah blah. I vaguely possibly remember that the husband met the wife of her love affair and they hit it off. Snorting and rolling my eyes. GAG!

I shoulda left when I realized the movie wasn’t taking the plot turns that I had expected.

But I trusted this movie connection between my mom and myself. I really thought that it was going to change. My mom NEVER would have found such a movie interesting (so I thought). I really truly kept hoping that things would turn and secret agents would appear. But it never happened.

So now I check with my mom that movies she suggests are not like THAT movie and, true to the mother daughter connection, we are back on track with similar tastes.


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5 responses to “The Movie I Should Have Walked Out On (Writing Prompt NaBloPoMo)

  1. Were you curious to know what there was about the movie that your Mom found so interesting? Just when you thought you knew your Mom so well, you might have discovered that she has a romantic side and isn’t that intriguing? 🙂

    • Well, I suppose in theory – yes. But on that particular day, I just wanted a good action movie. I’d been camping and was cold and tired of living out of a tent and going to a movie seemed like such an extravagance. But yes, it is nice to know that my mom’s tastes are not exactly like my own on any given day. And, admittedly I do like a romance movie on occasion – just not that occasion.

  2. Donna

    LOL How funny. That movie sounds familiar to me too. You know, my mom and I weren’t close and I didn’t even know she liked to read like I do. After she died I found out she was very secretive. I found out she had health problems and operations that I never knew about… I found out she had a closet full of romance novels. I mean, a BUNCH of them in a spare closet. I hate romance novels with a capital HATE but I was happy to find out she and I are not as different as I had thought.

  3. That definitely would have been disappointing/annoying! Though it’s interesting to have discovered something new about your mom.

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