Forty Five Times!

Forty-five times little girl has climbed out of her co-sleeper tonight. And 45 times I have immediately picked her up and put her back in. This is my little girl to a tee. She practices a skill till she gets it. She’s physically rugged. And she’s almost one and a half. She’s starting to test out the world in a new way and it includes more hugs and cuddles and books and helping out around the house, but also some tenacious sassiness. And tonight, she REALLY wants to go hop in bed with brother.

So I picked her up and plopped her back in the co-sleeper without saying a word, with little boy giggling in the background from his bed and gleefully chortling, “Sister, stay in your co-sleeper. It’s time to sleep. No playing games.” (His directions didn’t seem to do much good coupled with his giggles) – anyway, as I picked her up, these are the things I wondered:

What did Mr. and Mrs. Ingalls do in Little House on the Prairie? Their kids always seemed so good and they shared a bed, not just a room.

What do parents of multiples do?

What does Octomom do?

Are there other methods that work better?

What the heck are they going to be like as TEENagers?

If girl is ever trapped in the high reaches of some castle, she’s bound to successfully escape.

When will she tire out?

Perhaps I can count this as exercise for the day?

She definitely knows how to get out of the co-sleeper on her own.

Sixty-seven times? Really? (She continued to climb out, though not as steadily during the writing of this post)

Oh my sweet little girl – go to sleep. And my little boy, “Shhhhhh”. He has not stopped talking. This is a snippet from him, “On the banks of New Orleans, turtle and (mumble) cross the river and the loser (mumble) and the winner take the (mumble).” Right now he is talking on and on about purple suits and keys and money and her dress and her jacket and her socks and her shoes and her boots and her glasses. I have NO IDEA what he is talking about.

I rather love it. Except that I am a little weary of this extended bedtime tonight. I think it would be okay if I didn’t fear that it will be like this every night. But yet I know it won’t. Somehow Mr. and Mrs. Ingalls got their girls to go to bed every night with just a, “Girls, that’s enough talking now” and I like to think that they did it similarly to us. But did they?

Did their little girls climb out of bed sixty-seven times?

(silence. quiet whispers from boy. humidifier bubbling. keyboard clicking. silence. shaking my head quietly – how they go from AHHHHH to zzzzzzzzz so quickly is amazing – absolutely amazing!)


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2 responses to “Forty Five Times!

  1. Ahna

    …Don’t even THINK about any “when they’re TEENagers”!!!! And don’t even try to imagine what their Uncle Bryan was doing at their age!
    Hugs to all from Ahna

    • THAT is the problem. I’ve already heard horror stories and then drawing on my own history…aye aye aye. I figure we’ll just live on the road so the kids can’t establish any peer relationships – maybe move to countries where they don’t know the language so they feel the need to cling to us a bit more.

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