A Puzzle, A Song, and A Dance

February is almost here and I think I might set some goals for the month. Not so much goals, as intentions. That somehow seems less intimidating and more likely to happen.

January has been a good month. It’s been minus twenty and below most of the month so we’ve been inside a lot, but overall, it’s been okay. Our house has been relatively picked up. The kids have done some art projects. We’ve had friends over for dinner and some kids over to play. I’ve managed to blog almost every day. Our water runs and our heaters work.

But there are some things I’d like to do for February:

I’d like to do an adult puzzle on the table without having the kids climb up and pull pieces down.

I’d like to actually learn to play one (just one) kid’s song on the guitar or ukulele.

I’d like to take the kids to Eskimo dance on Sunday nights. (I have wanted to do this for a long time, but Sunday rolls around and our kids head to bed at seven and it’s far easier to stay inside, but I really MISS it and I think the kids would really LIKE it and I REALLY want them to have the music somewhere deep in their bones) – So this one will take real effort and intention.

Others intentions? Oh of course there are, but I figure I should just keep it simple for the moment.

Secret ones (this is where I start to get excited about all the things I could possibly do) include practicing ice hockey on the ice rink with a friend, writing an article, completing a sewing project, learning to play guitar and running a 5K – oh heck, make that a 10K (there’s no way that 5K or 10K thing are going to happen))

So this leaves me with The Things I wish to do before the new month arrives:

Fix the kitchen sink that is leaking out of control (and needs more attention than just a new washer)

Get our Christmas cards finished and out in the mail

Download my camera (and maybe, just maybe backup all the photos on my computer)

The three above items have been horribly neglected and could easily be neglected till March so somehow I have to light the fire of necessity and Make Them Happen. They can all happen. Oh shucks – I thought of two, no three other things I was going to do this weekend and didn’t. Crud.

And this is the nature of to-do lists and goals. So much to do and sometimes they just don’t get things done! Rueful smile as I continue to sit and not get up.


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2 responses to “A Puzzle, A Song, and A Dance

  1. Eskimo dances sound like exactly the sort of things little ones should know in their bones. I was having a to-do list conversation with myself this very morning. Yet here I sit, reading blogs. Perhaps your post has motivated me to accomplish something satisfying today. Thank you.

  2. We have been playing shinny hockey and I am actually quite terrible at it. The kids skate circles around me to knock me over! LOL! But is fun to get out and enjoy the winter 😉

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