February Tap Shoes

I took my tap shoes out of the bin of shoes we never wear. The tap shoes are sitting downstairs in the windowsill (a low windowsill so it’s not a totally goofy looking place). It’s a bit crazy that I even have tap shoes, but once when I was in Sweden at a dance camp, I took a tap class. It was a blast. Well, IT wasn’t a blast. I was horrible and didn’t have even the basic rudimentary skills, but being around people who could just make music with their feet and bodies and tap along with music – THAT was amazing. So I bought tap shoes for the class.

I took the tap shoes out because Victoria’s_View commented about it when I blogged about doing so. So I am following through. And I like the idea a lot. The problem is now WHERE to tap. Our floors are not very tap friendly. Perhaps, I’ll go to the hardware store this weekend and see if I can find a square of something to tuck behind the hutch and bring out when it’s practice time.

I am also bound and determined to get out a puzzle once darling little boy finally falls asleep for his nap. Today was one of those days where I felt myself getting angry at his antics which seemed to go on forever. It’s only because I wanted him to fall asleep quickly, at the same time as sister, so I could go downstairs and get myself some lunch and get things done.

We’d had such a nice morning as well so I wasn’t quite prepared. Ah well. He’s quietly lying under the covers with his stuffed animals around his head. His eyes are still open, but he’s in the process of getting closer to where he drifts off. (Just as little girl will be ready to wake up!)

Back to the tap shoes. Yes. I’ve got them out.

I also downoladed all my photos for the month of January, fixed our kitchen sink (a couple nights ago – It took a few walks back and forth to the hardware store at minus thirty below holding various parts – I LOVE small hardware stores where people just make things work) and I got out my hard drive to back up my computer (but I didn’t back it up yet). I did not do Christmas cards, nor Thank You cards, nor the family blog/photo thing I do at the end of each month.

But I did get a lot done last month and I feel optimistic about this new month. And for that reason, I am not going to commit to blogging every day. I like that I’m feeling enthused about some of the projects and I’m noticing that it’s hard to fit everything in, so blogging is going to take a back seat – perhaps.

And perhaps puzzles and Eskimo dance and tap dance will take precedent. We shall see!

(But OH OH OH – there were just so many things I wanted to blog about! Did you know that a school back east banned the UGG boots because kids were slipping cell phones into them? It’s so dang silly. Even Super Nanny says, “Give the kids a time out, not the toys”. Banning particular shoes is missing the point and only a band-aid solution. And what else…oh so many things. Mindlessness and Being Mindful and what does one do to feel relaxed. I finish all the things on my to-do list. The problem is that my lists are always too long to finish. And….ahhhh….little boy has closed his eyes. His hand twitched. I’m off to gather a puzzle and go downstairs and make some lunch for me.)

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