Oh, Glorious Days

This last weekend, a blizzard rolled in and it was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. We stayed inside and I worked on my puzzle and the kids played and outside the snow piled up in drifts preventing people from driving and knocking out electricity in part of the town, and it was blizzardy and it was WARM.

Warm is a bit of a relative term, but compared to the negative twenty to forty degree temperatures of the last month, anything above zero was a refreshing and welcome relief. Facebook posts had comments from people who were finally doing laundry because their drain pipes thawed and others just commenting on the falling snow. We put away the hairdryer we’d used to thaw some of our pipes every morning and we considered getting our car from the airport where it’s been stored in deep-freeze since December. Everything is nicer when it’s warmer.

Ahhhh – and it is SO nice to walk outside without a face mask and SO easy to get the kids ready to go out. And the air is so much more MOIST. We’ve been running a humidifier up in the kids’ room every night and the humidity level still sits below 20 which is pretty dry, but now it must be higher.

So yesterday, I semi-bundled up the kids and we went walking to the post office and then to the playground. It felt like the world had righted itself. Little girl fell asleep in the stroller so she missed the playground experience, but little boy and I had a fun time climbing up the ladder and going down the slide into a thwump of soft snow.

And today, again, we semi-bundled up and went out to the library for kid’s hour and on the walk the sun was rising and the sky was laced with hot pink which quickly faded away and we loved it, loved it, loved it. Winter is wonderful when you can be out in it and I found myself again really enjoying this odd little town that we live in.

And as for my thoughts of making this a month of music? Haven’t done anything towards that one, but we have begun our decorations to celebrate this month of love and perhaps we’ll let the month overlap into next month to keep it going.

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