“K is for Kiss”

Nap time and little girl is quietly breathing away and little boy is quietly reading books behind me on his bed. I’m lying on the ground with my head resting on his mattress. And then little boy who still can’t kiss leans over and says, “Mommy, K is for kiss” and mouths the bridge of my nose. I look over at him and he has the art museum book with a portrait of a child embraced by a mother in a kiss.

Dang cute little boy who won’t go to sleep!

I’m super hoping he does nod off soon because the weather outside is gorgeous and sunny and I want to take the kids out in the double stroller for a walk out of town. It’s still cold, of course, and there is a touch of a breeze, and my feet in their tennis shoes got cold when I went out at lunch to the post office, but overall, it’s like summer!

So my dear little boy, please fall asleep so you can wake up and we can go enjoy the outside.

Little girl is wiggling her feet. This is not a good sign.

And I just banged my eyebrow ridge on the windowsill leaning over to pick up the fallen binky. Ouch. Major ouch and I think it will be a major bruise. At least I hope it gets to look as bad as if feels.

Plan B (Nap in the stroller)

Plan B revised (Go make coffee to muster up the energy to bundle the kids up and get them out of the house. Then, nap in the stroller (the kids, not me))

I’m downstairs making my coffee. The children are decidedly not asleep. I hear them talking and little boy is handing little girl books and they keep pulling the cord to the music box. I’m drinking my coffee. As fast as I can.

B is for Beautiful Blue sky day

C is for Coffee

K is for Kiss

S is for Beautiful Sunny Day

W is for Walk in a beautiful world of White

Z is for a nap in the stroller bundled up in the fresh summer winter air

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