Sneaky Girl!

Out of the corner of my eye, I keep catching my 16 month old doing things she shouldn’t. And then she smiles and I shake my head and think to myself that I must be mistaken. She’s such a good sweet little girl that always runs to help put things away.

But I’m not mistaken. Today, I enlisted my periphereal vision to keep an eye on her when she thought my head was turned the other way. Ha! She was peeling off the tape that covers all the buttons to our heater (important buttons and ones that we don’t really understand, making it that much more important to leave them be). She was peeling off the tape and quickly reaching for the buttons.

But when I looked her way, she quickly pulled her hand back and turned her body. She even enunciated, “no” to me as if she was really telling me that she knew that was “Off Limits” and would never violate that rule.

She is a sneaky little one!

And it makes me smile.

But it does amaze me that she can be so young and yet so aware of what needs to be done covertly and what does not. I don’t think little boy had that awareness at her age (and even now at 30 months, he is so much more transparent than she is!).

She’s a sly little one with such earnestness and such delight as she demonstrates new skills. This week has been chock full of intense efforts to repeat back important words such as “hands” and “heart” and “sock” and “yellow”. She’s even signing words with cute little pudgy hands doing pretty much the same thing each time – a bit like her talking, but she’s SO DANG CUTE about it.

And then tonight, I discovered one of our wax hearts torn (torn!) off the window with wax crayon shavings all over the end table below (our kids use the end table as a boat and as a way to see out the window – they’re good climbers and balancers – thank goodness!).

Little girl was next to me when I discovered the destructive act and I asked her if she took it down. She shook her head and said, “no”. (She shook her head!) I asked her if her brother did and she nodded her head and said, “no”. Hmmmm. I went to older brother who was sitting on the potty reading a book hoping and hoping he could make something happen and I asked him. He looked perplexed and said he did not tear down the heart.

I believed him. It’s not his modus operandi.

I went back to little girl. I think she knew the game was up. I asked her again. She nodded her head this time and tried ever so hard to enunciate, “yes”, but out came, “nuo”. I explained that now we’d have to throw it away (it was way past fixing) and she nodded again, took it from my hand, and toddled off to the trashcan.

She loves those wax hearts we made. I’m really surprised we’ve only lost one. But I think I’ll need to keep a better eye on my little girl who has learned via older brother and faithful-ever-hungry dog that it is good to be quick and sly when something captures your attention.

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