They Are In Cahoots

Tonight after dinner, little boy and little girl made their way into the kitchen where they proceeded to eat the remnants of shredded cheese still left on the cutting board. They both knew they were taking advantage of having the kitchen to themselves. They then proceeded to open the silverware drawer and with great cackles of glee and delight, they scooped out all the silverware (no knives) and threw them onto the floor.

Husband and I heard this and I could see this all happening from my spot on the couch, but neither of us really wanted to stand up and enforce the ceasation of their activity. And we didn’t want to say anything if we weren’t ready to enforce it. It was easier to just sit and giggle in the living room at their joyful cahoots.

And then they climbed off the stool and started picking the silverware up!

Could our children really be this amazing?


Once they put all the silverware back in the drawer, they threw it all out again. And repeated this process quite a few times, never seeming to tire of the thrill of this activity that they knew must not really be endorsed by the parents and was so full of great clattery sounds.

When husband did go in the kitchen and once the silverware was all cleaned up and the drawer was closed, little boy, completely caught up in the fun, tried to open the drawer. Husband said, “No, you may not open the drawer right now”. Little boy responded, “Will you open the drawer for me?” We burst out laughing – does little boy know that he was being witty. I think he might.

And our silverware? It’s back in the drawer, but if friends come to dinner, we’ll be sure to wash it before we let them use it.

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  1. That must have been so cute!

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