My Naked Kids

My naked children are racing around after dinner delightedly pushing their chairs which have select books in the seats and dry dog food sprinkled on top. They are giggling as they run back and forth from the kitchen into the living room. They stop at the front door and climb up on their chairs to inspect the lock mechanisms and then climb down and push the chairs across the floor again with glee. They are a team.

I take out my phone to film a video clip for my husband who is out of town and I see our house in the screen:

There is a print we bought recently at a charity auction perched askew on the hutch. Our children are naked with grubby faces (possibly from dog food that they might have been sampling). A couple plants are doing great and a few others are looking fairly neglected. The kitchen counter is clean and so is the stove top, but the oven door is looking like it could use a scrub. Now the children are climbing up on their table and dancing. They look like beautiful bohemian children.

This is our evening after dinner and it’s wonderful.

I finish the dishes and pick up a few things and marvel at how the house could go so quickly from absolute chaos and dishevelment to something that looks okay to come down to in the morning.

Guess what time it is kids?

“Time to brush teeth!” they say (in their own ways) and run to the bathroom where they each claim one half of the stool.

And now little girl is asleep and little boy has given me his cub bear love bites and is somewhat quietly talking to his stuffed animals. He might fall asleep.

It’s a nice way to end a very long day.


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7 responses to “My Naked Kids

  1. Sounds wonderful indeed! 🙂

  2. Hanging out with the kids is THE best way to end the day. I remember those days. They grow up fast, I tell ya.

    • I believe it. It’s amazing to me that my little boy is going to be three this year. Thankfully, they have gotten more and more fun as they grow, but I do think I will miss their sweet little toddler years.

  3. Sounds like you are making wonderful and very happy memories for those lucky little ones (and you as well!)! Very sweet.

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