A Walk on the Sea

Last night I told my husband it would be nice to visit a place where the kids could play in tide pools all day. Our daughter had just finished a gloriously messy play session at the kitchen sink and I could just imagine her loving every single second in such a place.

It would also be a bit of a break from these sub zero temperatures which are slowly taking their toll.

Today was a beautiful blue sky day and necessitated a trip to the frozen sea. A friend and I texted back and forth and when all our kids were awake from their afternoon naps, we bundled up and walked over to her house and then down the path onto the Bering Sea.

My first thought as we stepped out into the vast frozen space was that we were already here in a place far better than tide pools. The frozen ice and snow is so amazingly gorgeous and, if one looks carefully, there are “up-prints” where the snow is compressed from footprints, but then the surrounding lighter snow is blown away leaving a raised foot print. There are tracks from snow machines and tracks from dogs. There are swirls and spots of slushy ice. There are cracks that are thin and cracks that are fat and there are areas of snow that are hard packed and easy to walk on and then areas where you just drop down.

There is so much to explore and I felt excitement and energy and thoughts of how great the upcoming days would be.

And then I noticed the wind.

It was a windy day and the wind quickly whipped around our layers of clothing and scored our cheeks and foreheads. I had only a cotton knit hat on because it was so warm in the sun, and soon my ears had a cold burn happening.

We trekked out following my boy who just took off knowing that this land was his to explore. And then he was done.


So with some tears and cold wind and more tears, he made his way back to the double stroller where we left it by the edge of the frozen sea (his sister was in the sled and got dibs on it due to her age and walking skills).

And once in the stroller, he broke into song.

And I held hopes for windless days in the upcoming weeks, but I’d still be okay with a trip to the perfect kid tide pools.

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