Thanksgiving in Diomede

One year, the teachers gathered together for a quiet Thanksgiving dinner during the week of Thanksgiving. We dressed up in our fanciest attire which meant retro polyester dress shirts (why that teacher brought that with him to a remote island in the middle of the Bering Sea is in itself a curious thing), long white gloves (why ever did I have those you might ask), special jewelry and special hats. We arrived and sat around a small table overflowing with Indian food, Thai food, favorite foods, random foods and homemade bread. We had a feast. And all good feasts require a toast, but in Diomede, alcohol is not allowed and so we had an imaginary toast to life and good cheer and doing good things and to building wonderful relationships. We were probably not so eloquent as all that, but the sentiment was surely the same.

One of the teachers who had previously been in the Peace Corp in Kazakhstan summed it up all best with something she learned there, “The more crowded the table, the better.”


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6 responses to “Thanksgiving in Diomede

  1. I couldn’t quite remember her quote and nor could she, but then she said part of it which was “sitting elbow to elbow” before getting up to go dance in the living room. And then she’d return to the crowded kitchen table to eat and talk some more.

  2. Found you via NaBloPoMo. It sounds like a wonderful feast!

  3. claudsy

    Love stories like this. They always say so much about people, regardless of their origin.

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