Hats Off to the Universe

When I was twenty-two years old, I took my dog for a night time walk to the park and lost my bracelet.  I hate losing things and the feeling of trying to get my brain to remember where it might have happened.  To deal with that, I decided to make the claim that the Universe was just telling me it was time to let it go.

This has been an effective strategy when I’ve broken pottery, torn favorite clothing, lost earrings.  I like to see myself just tossing my hair in the wind and embracing the freedom that fewer possessions brings.  Of course, my hair is short these days and I’m constantly bringing new things home and so there is a bit of a discrepancy between what I like to see and what really is – particularly when it came to the hats.

Now before I talk about the hats, I also have to share that I’ve got a bit of a stubborn streak and believe that most things can be solved with some good problem solving, effort and tenaciousness.

But when it comes to lost items, I’ve generally just said my good-bye’s and moved on.

I tried to do this with the hats, but tonight I am sitting and typing with a hat exactly like my old one snugly seated over my head.  How did this happen?

I had two hats that I found in a little shop in Anchorage.  They were beanies made of possum fur and merino wool from New Zealand.  They were fantastic.  They were light weight and amazingly warm given their light weightedness.  They fit well under my heavy winter hat and they were perfect all season hats.  I loved them, and my husband soon fell for their wonderfulness as well, and began wearing one.

And then he traveled to one of the local villages for work and somewhere over the course of the week camping out by the river, he lost my hat.  I handled it.  Obviously it was time for it to be called back to the Universe.  And I also still had my other hat – until the Big Blizzard.

The morning after the Big Blizzard, I went outside to walk around and explore and my sole remaining favorite hat was swept off my head and far away before I even realized it was gone.  (It was still a bit blizzardy)  I looked for it, but knew that it was a pretty impossible endeavor.  And so I mourned.

And then I began to wonder if this should be one of those things I just “let go” or one of those things I solved.  Well, obviously I just had to solve it.  But, alas, the small store in Anchorage had closed down and the owner was no longer selling the hats from her home business.  But there was the internet.  So I searched, but couldn’t quite find the exact same hat and so I called it a week and moved on to embrace new hats.

This winter has been trying.

I have my beaver hat which is perfect when it’s really cold, but a bit heavy when it’s only zero or so.  As well, my beaver hat fits best with a light weight hat underneath, preferably a possum fur and merino wool hat.   I missed my hats.  I wore a cotton knit hat with a fleece lining, but it was bulky and didn’t fit in my pocket nor did it keep my head as warm outside or as comfortable inside.  I tried a bunny fur hat which is okay, but also much too warm for inside.  But I persevered in accepting the changes that life sometimes brings.  (Except that I continued to look for the hats and ultimately found them on a New Zealand website which I told my husband about.)

And then today, I received a package from New Zealand.  And in it, were two perfect hats just like my old ones ordered by my in-laws.  My husband and I put them on our heads.  The kids took them off and put them on their heads.  We took photos on PhotoBooth.  My husband and I reclaimed our hats, put the kids to bed and are still wearing them.

A sigh of contented happiness.  Sometimes it’s good to make things happen and just not leave it up to the Universe.


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6 responses to “Hats Off to the Universe

  1. Julie YE

    Great story. Sounds like many lessons in this post. I want to share them as illustrations with others some day. Keep up the good work blogging!

  2. I love this! Sometimes it’s good to be able to let go, others it’s good to take things into your own hands. I suspect wisdom is in knowing the difference. Great post!

  3. As a lover of just the perfect hat, I am moved by this post. I am a firm believer in not forcing things, allowing things to take their course. But where hats are concerned… not so much. I am so glad that your thoughtful in-laws provided you with replacement hats.

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