My Children Are Two

In reality, only one child is two and the other is still one and a half, but her “twoness” is coming at a fast and furious pace.  Her pillow had drool stains.  I flipped it over.  Oh My.  I flipped it back.  She was thirsty and wanted water.  I gave her some.  Oh My.  She fell out of her chair and wanted to get back in her chair.  We helped her back up.  Oh My.  Her food?  Oh My.

My husband was worried that something was wrong.  There’s not.  She has no ear infection, stomach ache, incoming tooth.  She’s just getting the twoness going.  I’m ever so thankful we went through this with our boy because we know we just need to ride it out.  We’ll let her make lots of choices.  We’ll be flexible where it’s not a big deal and we’ll stick to our guns on everything else.

Her wailing tantrums are loud to the ears.  Our dog even left the room.

But she’s also so refreshing in her desire to help out.  Our actual two year old has forgotten how to locate things on the floor that need to be picked up.  She spots them right away.  Our actual little two year old needs us to count to three for seemingly EVERYTHING.  Little girl is up and helping before we finish the sentence.  Before dinner, both kids were asked to pick up.  Both failed to hear us.  We said, “First pick up, Then we eat”.  Little girl who was hollering away in utter pain and misery, shut off the tears and started picking up.  She got to eat.  (We’re definitely gonna stick to our guns.)  Little boy took quite a while longer to kick into gear.

It has only been two days of this, but it quickly seems like it is weeks upon weeks.  It’s easy to forget all the great moments of the day amidst the fall apart meltdown that happens Just as we sit down to enjoy dinner.

And now the light is coming back in Alaska and bedtime (which has been a dream this last month) is back to being a bit rocky.  Tomorrow I think I’ll be putting up the second layer of curtains.  For now, little girl who couldn’t even STAND because she was so tired two hours ago, is standing and screeching and having a right old good time with her brother who is testing, testing, testing every rule around bedtime.  “Momma, Can I go play?” “Um?  No?”.

He has come to me with a whole littany of issues:

“My pj’s are too tight on my neck.”  (They weren’t)

“Mama, Where is your lotion?  You need it.”  (I’m okay without for now)

“Sister needs her stuffed bear.”  (No, she doesn’t)

“My water bottle leaks.”  (True – it was leaking.  I fixed it)

“Here’s your watering can.” (for the humidifier – it was already right by my feet so he didn’t really NEED to get out of bed and let me in on this information).

“Where’s Daddy?” (Downstairs just like every night)

“I’ll just sit right by you a little bit.”  (This would definitely take him out of the vicinity of his bed)

“Can I have a kiss, hug and pretend bite?”

I agreed to the kiss, hug and pretend bite.  Everything else got a “Get to bed.  One.  Two.” and he’d skitter scatter off to his bed.  He seemed to answer his questions on his own and deal just fine with his pj’s and his blankets and his stuffed bear and his stuffed lamb and the location of his stuffed Eagle.  He also must have figured out that Daddy was downstairs, I was okay sitting by myself and managing okay without my lotion.

I loved daylights savings this morning when the house was nice and cozy and dark.  Now I’m rethinking the matter.  And I’m preparing myself for the week ahead which might require a bit more parental finesse than the last few which have been such a glorious breeze.  Our children are in their two’s and as my husband said as we did deep breathing through our painfully loud dinner, “They are behaving like two year olds.”

We will embrace this beautiful stage with grace and love (and perhaps earlier bedtimes for us to better prepare for the day ahead).



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2 responses to “My Children Are Two

  1. Awesome. This is such a good post today, maybe just because it helps me laugh at all the things going on in my house right now. I love the “dialogue” you give us with little boy, and then the truth of the matter in parenthesis.

    I know the “LOL” thing is way over-done, but, this post made me do that. Really. And really, thank you 🙂

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