Bathtub Painting

I asked little girl if she’d like to bathtub paint while her brother was asleep.  Of course she did.  And as I watched her immerse herself in play with textures and colors, I thought about the key elements to making this a successful activity.

Purchase the least smelly foam shaving cream you can find.

Put shaving cream in a cake tin or in a muffin tin and add food colors to each blob.

Warm up the tub if it’s icy cold (like ours is) with a rinse of hot water  (I didn’t and then felt for her poor cold feet).

Keep your kid clothed if the bathroom is cold.

Keep your kid clothed for even easier cleanup afterwards (pull the clothes off and toss them in the washer).

Place a stool next to the bathtub for your own getting-older and achier body.

Let the kid play.

Play along with the kid painting the tub (shaving cream is a pretty fun texture).

Break out a bowl and a sponge to add some more things to do.

Wonder if the food coloring will stain the plastic on the walls around the tub.

Suppress the concern so that you can enjoy the time.

Don’t assume that anything put in the tub will stay in the tub.

Don’t send video footage of your child standing in the tub to any relatives that would be appalled that the child might have fallen.

Consider considering alternatives to shaving cream that have more natural ingredients (but appreciate the silky texture of what you are using and the absolute ease of cleaning it up).

Watch the beauty of sensory pay.

Appreciate having only one kid in the tub.

Enjoy the cleaning up process which definitely makes the tub look cleaner.

Make some coffee and continue forth with the day with the smell of shaving cream in your child’s hair and some distinct red and green highlights that were not there before.


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3 responses to “Bathtub Painting

  1. Donna

    awwww! That is so cute! I know she had a blast! My oldest son was such a neat freak he would never get anything on him. I have a picture of him somewhere where I was making cookies and trying to get him to help me cut them into shapes. I have flour spread out and he didn’t want to get dirty so I fixed that. I patted my hands in it several times and then patted all over him, his shirt and then his cheeks so he didn’t have to worry about it anymore… he was already dirty. I need to find that picture. You know another thing that is fun outside is colored water in spray bottles that you can spray the snow with. Who wouldn’t want rainbow colored snow???

  2. Spray bottles is a great idea. I’m going to have to be on the lookout for some to use! It’s funny how kids are about getting dirty. Your boy reminded me of how I once tried to keep my shoes clean while hiking and then after stepping in some soggy muddy puddle, I just let go and gave up. It was so much more fun after that, but my shoes never were the same!

  3. Awww, what fun! I would have loved to have done that as a kid.

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