Laundry by Age Three

This morning little boy helped me with the laundry. He took it out of the dryer, sorted it into each person’s pile and carried the grown-ups laundry upstairs. I folded the kids laundry and put it away downstairs and husband folded the grown-up’s laundry upstairs. We are DONE with our laundry. How amazing is that. (All before nine am!)

All because little boy had a consequence from not picking up last night.

It also got me thinking about how nice it will be when the kids start taking on the household chores. I feel like I remember doing my own laundry from the age of six. And once I learned how to do the dishes, it became my job for the rest of my life. I also had my room to take care of, but that was different than a family job since that mess was very self-created. When people were going to come to visit, I was given the duty of straightening the fringed edges on the oriental carpet – a duty I embraced wholeheartedly. Later I was awarded the job of Vacuumer, which soon evolved into Everything-Elser (My mom has an entirely different perspective I am sure and hers may be a bit more correct).

I had a friend who had to vacuum their house EVERY day. It seemed ridiculous to me, but their carpet was certainly clean. Now that I have kids and a dog, I find myself sweeping and sharking almost every day myself. I like the idea of granting that honor to son and daughter.

The kids already do help out. They love attempting to sweep and they love shoving wet clothes into the dryer. They love standing on the stool pulling silverware out of the drying rack to place back in the sink of sudsy water. They especially love to clean errant marker marks off the table with the Windex and to scrub down their table. They are such busy little bees.

How can husband and I transfer our duties without them losing the thrill of this great world of daily cleaning chores? And is it even possible?

I picture our children standing on stools reaching into the washer to pull out the wet clothes – a team! Until little sister moves the stool and little boy is left all akimbo dangling into the washer. I can picture our kids doing a marvelous job vacuuming up the living room and moving the furniture – and then sucking up all sorts of fun things to hear the sounds (such budding scientists) or breaking into hysterical giggles as they shove the sofa up against the opposite wall, ignoring anything in its path.

I can see great chaos being created if the young lad and lassie are given some household chores. But I can also see great opportunities for learning big key words like teamwork and responsibility and work ethic. And I can see husband and I kicking back reading a book and every once in a while saying,”Children, dearies, can you let the dog out?”

Won’t it be great! Age Three? Is it possible to get them doing the laundry by age three?!


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3 responses to “Laundry by Age Three

  1. Sounds like you have a system that works!!


  2. It’s not possible. At least not at my house. They will lose interest. They will however clean your living room at ages 6 and 9 if you threaten no movie night. But I love that you used the work akimbo.

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