Stomach Bug or The Flu – A preference?

We were hit with the notorious stomach bug last night. WE isn’t really correct, because so far only little boy has been sick, but these things seem to be hard to contain to just one person.

The night began marvelously well.  Little boy and girl went on their first real “play date” with a three year old.  Dad and I went out to dinner and picked the kids up at 8:30.  They’d had a great time and little boy told me about the evening.

“What did you do?”


“What did you play?”

“With toys.”

Knowing my boy’s ability to talk with details, I was reminded of conversations with teenagers (myself being one of them at one point in time):

“How was your day?”


“How was school?”


“You do anything in school today?”


There’s definitely an art to asking questions that get people talking.  From my son’s response, I think husband and I need to work on these skills.  We didn’t say anything more and then little boy began telling us more about what he played with, who got a time out, how sharing went and what his sister did.  A good night!

Then my husband left on the late night plane for some work meetings.

I figured I’d go to bed early(ish) and went to bed with kids sound asleep, but foolishly, I drank a LOT of water before bed.  A LOT.  And so I couldn’t fall asleep.  And even if I hadn’t had to keep going downstairs, my mind just kept moving and twirling.

I’ve always been a fairly good sleeper and so it was really rather a drag that on the night where the kids were sound asleep and I had an entire bed to stretch out in, that I couldn’t sleep.  Around one, I think I finally really started dozing off into something that counted as slumber.

Around three, news of the stomach bug woke me.

“Mama, I’m wet.”

He was more than wet.  The next hour was spent cleaning him up, getting him settled in my bed, getting the bedding, stuffed animals and mattress covers cleaned up.  When I did join little boy in my bed, he snuggled right into me and fell sound asleep while I read the very important news on yahoo.

I think I looked at the clock at 4:30 before finally falling asleep.  I managed to stay in bed till 8:30 with boy snuggled up next to me wide awake since 7:30 and girl wedged between us since 8:00.  It was nice sweet morning time except that I was TIRED.

And somehow or other, our house felt messier than normal so when we did trudge downstairs to make my coffee, I was hit with that realization.  And then the stomach bug made it’s appearance again as little boy walked into the living room.

The absurdity of the stomach bug works for me in some strange way.  As long as I can keep the house picked up so that the clean up is less painful, then I far prefer this nasty stinky 24 hour thing to The Flu with its congestion and fever and neverending cough and resulting bronchitis.

Indeed, I felt a bit like some decorated war nurse ready for battle.

“Oh, yes.  We’ve seen this before.  We can handle it.  Gloves.  Clorox.  Let’s go!”

It turned out that the battle was more of a skirmish than anything really to write home about.  I started off full force (pre-coffee) attending to the immediate crisis and our home that needed some quick picking up, but once the initial attack was over, the red alert quickly dropped down to amber or orange or some other color.

I appreciated our washer and dryer, our cleaning supplies on hand, our very recently picked up living room and the ability to just stay in and care for little boy (aside from a walk with the stroller to run a few errands).  Can I say just how much I appreciate our washing machine and dryer?!!!  More than anything else, this modern creation is the one thing I would not want to do without (don’t hold me to that).

I suspect little girl will be next.  Or myself.  But maybe not.   But if we are hit, I will go into battle with my head up and a bit of, “Bring it On” (Think Braveheart) because we can handle this – far better than The Flu.



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4 responses to “Stomach Bug or The Flu – A preference?

  1. Flu or stomach bug. That’s a hard one. I haven’t yet (knock on wood) experienced stomach flu with my daughter yet (she’s almost two and a half)…but I’ve had it and that was the worst because I was completely unable to care for her at the time (I held out until my MIL got off work and then passed out)…is preferring neither an option? We’re battling allergies right now and I’d say it’s up there with flu on my list of things I dislike…Hope you all recover quickly and no one else gets it!

    • Oh, allergies are horrible. That ranks up there with the flu and for us, it just aggravates the flu symptoms and the flu aggravates the allergies. Oh yes, those are horrid. The stomach thing hits fast and you think it’s horrible, but then it passes and it’s clearly over. Hope your week is a healthy one.

  2. I’m with you. Stomach bug is over quicker. Flu drags on. I like my medicine in one big gulp.

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