My Son

Today my boy was a beautiful little cherub with the sweetest smiles and the kindest heart.  He glowed sweet smiles of friendship at a couple children we saw when we were out and I saw in his face my grandfather on my mother’s side when my grandfather was a boy.  He wore purple and gray today which I think looks so nice and sweet – young and innocent and gentle and fun all at the same time.

He still seemed a bit tired this morning, but by mid-afternoon, after his nap, he was just full of himself.  He undressed so he could be “naked boy” and raced around playing with his sister.  He and sister came pouring out of the kitchen in giggles and he exclaimed that they had “Been to New York and were coming back from New York”.  It seems the door frame separating the living room and kitchen is a magical portal.  Who knew!

I asked what they saw in New York and he told me, “Bears!  And Alligators” and a host of other animals.  He then clarified that he saw them at the zoo, perhaps taking note of my skeptical expression.  Of course he knows that New York City is filled with tall buildings and pigeons and horses pulling carriages!  We do have a book after all sent to us from a wonderful friend.

He then climbed up onto the sofa next to me and became a sweet puppy while his sister climbed up onto the sofa above me to become a sweet cat.  They erupted in more giggles and I tossed them around and tickled their bellies and they fell to the floor in great glee and quickly climbed back up again.  It was all quite wonderful.

And when I told my little boy that a person we know had died – the brother of the person who told us his Eskimo name – my little boy hugged me and said, “We should make a heart cake for her.”

It’s hard to wrap my head around the idea that this young man could have died.  He’s a part of so many of my memories.  I can’t even begin to imagine what the grief feels like for his family.  I hurt for the young man and I hurt for his siblings and his parents.  It’s a horribly sad loss.

I hugged my boy back and told him I loved him.


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4 responses to “My Son

  1. Valerie

    How sweet to read all about little boy and sister with eruptions of giggles and tons of imagination! I love the zooming off to New York! And his idea to give the grieving family a heart cake is very touching.
    I hope that I can be host to your wiggly giggly family should you all head to the Big Apple. When my Grandma came to visit when I was little (but old enough to be taken to the zoo just me an’ Gramma), she stayed several days and indulged me with daily trips to the Central Park Zoo. She was a gem.
    Kisses and hugs and pretend bites to all! Xox

  2. Such a sweet little guy. I love his idea about the heart cake.

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