Sesame Street

We don’t have a TV which is a very good thing given our inclination to lie on our sides and mindlessly flip through channels.  It’s also a good thing given the intent focus and concentration with which my boy is watching a Sesame Street DVD of the original seasons.

He is tapping his knees to the music, not blinking, totally enraptured and totally oblivious to us.  It’s somewhat startling to see him so still and dazed looking compared to his usually busy curious self.

Next to the computer is a small Big Bird stuffed animal that he brought down just for the occasion telling me that Big Bird would like to be part of things.  Right now stuffed animal Big Bird is looking at a computer screen with Big Bird singing!  These little things in life are pretty sweet and special even if my little boy is too immersed in the screen to see that stuffed animal BB is in seventh heaven.

However, I think Sesame Street is still a pretty fun treat, espcially given how I was feeling a bit worn out at the end of the day.  The music is great.  The messages are great and the imagination is clean and simple and fun.  I love that the Sesame Street crew feels like a warm wonderful family.

It’s okay that my boy is transfixed.  At least for tonight.

Tomorrow we will go back to the normal after dinner play which is often some of the best of the day, but which I just wasn’t up for today.

I’ve been trying to pick up and trying to clean, but I make no headway other than keeping things at a level where I’d be realtively okay having somebody I know drop by.  My in-laws arrive this weekend and I’d love to have things super clean, not because I’m concerned about their judgement (we’re too busy to care about that and I think they know that) but because it’s a good excuse to tackle things that have gone untackled.  But, sighing, I just can’t get any more done than the basic day to day!

It doesn’t help that my immune system is not totally impervious to the ills of my little boy.  Nor, so it seems, is little girl.  We’re all okay, but not great.  And tonight the DVD seemed like such a great idea.  Little girl is not watching the computer, but her alone at play in the house just does not leave the same trail as the two at play together.

Oh my – she just brought me her PJ’s.  She’s ready for bed!

Smiling – the kids have been SO good today.  They chose their own clothes this morning from the closet.  Little boy emptied the potty on his own and flushed and washed his hands before I even knew what had happened.  We played.  They played.  They explored.  They picked up their messes.  They took turns.  I just got tired.

And it’s really nice that evening rolled around just when it did!

And I really do like Sesame Street.  Is there anything else that can compete.


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6 responses to “Sesame Street

  1. Hello Elise! I came to check in on you after that sweet comment you left on my blog (I’m the chick with the toilet paper roll seed starters). You are a wonderful writer, and I agree with you about Sesame Street. It makes me warm and fuzzy that some of my first-born’s first words were “Cookie’s Water” (for Cookie Monster) and “Burp” (for Bert). As far as licensed characters go, they cannot be beat. I like to think the occasional educational program that allows you to recharge and the kids to get a change of pace is good for everyone.

    • Hey – Hi!
      It was definitely a treat for me last night! When my boy was little, we were in a toy store and there was a Bert and I couldn’t resist buying it, which meant we also needed an Ernie. They have become good pals with our kids and sit on the back of the tricycle for outings.

  2. sounds like you had a lovely day with your little people. gotta love it when that happens!
    we don’t have a tv either. sometimes we get DVD’s from the library or we watch stuff on netflix. my bear never got into sesame street. we’ve tried it a few times, but he can’t get into it. he loves “kipper” and “bob the builder”.

    • We have a Bob the Builder puzzle that my boy loves. He has no clue that it exists on video! He also doesn’t know that Thomas the Train is more than just a puzzle and a coloring book. I think our library only has VHS’s but maybe I’m wrong. I will check.

  3. My daughter loved Sesame Street, but my son loves Curious George. It all depends on the kids. It is so wonderful they have such great programming for kids.


    • I feel so out of the children’s cultural literacy loop! As far as books go, my kids are plenty culturally rich, but as far as movies and tv shows, they are clueless! They’re going to be invited to birthday parties and will have no idea why there are action figures all over the cups and plates! I’ll look for Curious George at the library.

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