The Frog is Alive. The Dishes are Done.

  My busy bee children started the day with great quiet cuddles in bed with me.  Little boy is a fantastic cuddler.  He just knows how to do it.  Little girl never really got the hang of “chilling”, but she is making up for it with lots of focused diligence.  She lay in bed with her head on the pillow facing straight up, every once in a while, grabbing my face to plant a currently-practicing-kiss on my face.  Brother just nuzzled in and chattered away about the alphabet, the dog, the grandparents who are bringing chewable vitamins and the father who is going to bring new toothbrushes.  Little girl worked on snuggling.

And as soon as little boy said, “Shall we go downstairs?”, she rolled over and up and out of the bed.  I thought she was going to fall out she moved so quickly, but she landed on her feet and then went to her room to find some treasure to bring down.  I used to think she just wanted to bring fun things down, but now I suspect that she is trying to follow protocol.  There are always things to carry downstairs such as water bottles, dirty clothes, or diapers.  She has included into that list other things that might be on the floor: stuffed animals, dolls, pieces of paper, and photos taken from the shelves.

Downstairs, I noticed the frog was floating at the top of her tank.  She was quite still.  I dropped some food in and she didn’t move.  I reached in and touched her back and she didn’t move.  I thought, “Oh no.  She has died.” and I took a deep breath to prepare myself for the process of sharing this with little boy.  He still remembers clearly the passing of our other frog last summer and he talks about it.  I looked outside at the snowstorm and the cold nasty wind and wondered where the heck we were going to bury this frog.  Our other frog went into the earth with a purple flower on top of him.  Our backyard is six plus feet in snow.  I did remember that I had an extra Altoids tin in the car and felt some relief knowing that I at least had a  good burial container.

And then, I saw her leg move slightly to which I thought, “Oh no.  She’s alive, but close to dying.  Oh, what if I can’t save her.  How sad that will feel.”  I walked over to her tank and….she kicked into gear and flew down to the bottom corner.  She’s totally okay.  I felt huge relief.

This frog story does not connect to anything except that I thought the day held such promise, then had the promise dashed at her demise, only to have everything right itself up again, only to find that I could never really get ahead.  My in-laws arrive tomorrow and the house looks just like it did this morning, which isn’t bad, but it certainly isn’t my version of ready for in-laws.  I hope tomorrow, the cup of coffee I drink in the morning is much more powerful than the one I drank today.

And so our day progressed.  We baked a cake.  I wanted the baking to be done by just me, but there was no holding back the troops so we did it together.  We played.  They played.  We cleaned up.  We had guests.  We spent alllllllllll afternoon trying to get both kids to take much needed naps (underline that word “much”).  And then we went out visiting and then went to the store and then came home and cooked up dinner and huddled around the kids’ table and feasted before brushing teeth and heading up to bed.

My children were wonderful beautiful little beings today.  Little boy was sweet and helpful and ornery and lazy.  Little girl was messy and independent and helpful and earnest.  They both chose green pj’s for bed and after the ridiculous, but sweet routines, of making sure every stuffed animal is properly in place and every blanket is lined up just right, they went off to sleep.

And, little girl learned how to scrub the plates!  (She’s thinks I don’t know that she’s getting to play in the water by washing the dishes.  She was pretty tickled.  And pretty wet.)

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