I’m In The Middle of THREE Books

There was a day, pre-children, when I had many books around the house all in the midst of being read. I’d move from room to room picking up books and reading and books would sometimes move with me and within a very quick period of time, all the books would be read.

This is much like my experience living in a farm house with a bunch of cats. I’d go outside and there would be a cat on the fence post, one on the truck, another in the grass by the chickens. None would be moving. They all looked asleep. I’d walk around doing some non-important task and when I looked around again, the cats still looked asleep, but they had all rotated positions.

That was my home with my books in the olden days.

Now that I have kids (young toddler kids) I don’t read. I go to the library and I bring books home, but I just can’t seem to even get to the first page. I try placing books in the bathroom because that is sure to afford a few minutes of privacy, but there is no privacy for me. The dog and both children always join me in the bathroom.

I did read a book on my iPhone in the middle of the night. I loved it. But the next one I downloaded was too difficult. It was a murder mystery.

There was a day where I would have been embarrassed to say that a murder mystery was too difficult, but now I just don’t care. I’m too tired. And if I’m not too tired, then I feel like my energy is going towards so many other things, that it just doesn’t have any room to decipher the confusing motley assortment of characters and settings.

So I read yahoo news on my iphone at night. It’s quick and easy and I understand it well enough to be appropriately annoyed by the terrible journalism, terrible stories and poor links.

But recently, things began taking a turn…

I received some books for my birthday. Yay. Except that I can’t read them because it’s all just too hard.

However, I FORCED myself to read the first four pages of the book Snow Child on Earth Day when the kids were settling in for a nap and that was enough to hook me in. I haven’t made much progress, but the book is In My Head.

And then I finally figured out that I could download a kindle app for my iphone. I thought I had to have an actual Kindle, but I don’t. I feel like everyone in the world knows this, but not me. I just figured it out.

So I did that yesterday afternoon and then immediately downloaded Bad Luck Officer by one of the BlogHer bloggers. I am loving it and stayed up far too late reading on my iPhone last night in bed.

And then today my husband brought me back the book The Fault in the Stars which I requested while he was in the city. I’d read an excerpt on BlogHer and got it stuck in my head.

I now have THREE GLORIOUS BOOKS stuck in my head and it feels so good.

AND, my in-laws have just arrived.

In the olden days, they’d want to hang out with the kids and it was hard for me to let the kids go because I wanted to hang out with the kids too. But now, I’m okay with them going off to grandparent camp for the week (here in our home of course!) and I have SO Many Plans – one of which is to READ.

And so I must finish up this entry so I can go read for a little bit, being ever mindful that my children still wake up throughout the night and are ready to go bright and early and I am not truly on vacation, but still….it is so nice to have books back for a visit!


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3 responses to “I’m In The Middle of THREE Books

  1. I find I go through phases in my reading – sometimes I just devour books, but then at other times I’m so preoccupied with other things that I can’t seem to get myself hooked in to any one book. I can only imagine how that would be complicated if kids were in the picture!

    The nice thing about taking a break from reading, though, is that rediscovering the joy is so very wonderful. 🙂

  2. i’m on a reading whim now. just finished “middlesex”, great book. and started “the book of negroes” last night, which i already love! i too go through phases and with the kids i am sometimes too tired at the end of the day to read!

    • Oh, I haven’t read either! I had Middlesex on my shelves at one point and then passed it on is a fruitless attempt at decluttering! I’ll keep an eye out for both of them at the library.

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