Get to Bed My Sweet Little Boy

My husband’s parents are here visiting and the kids are soaking it up. They were so full of themselves this evening, basking in all the attention, high on adoration, full of beans that they have it ALL. And with that wonderful high on life and with the knowledge that the grandparents were there witnessing all of their toddler cleverness, they had to give a show worth watching.

They were horrible at dinner!

Little boy took spoon fulls of his food and put it in his sister’s bowl. We admonished him. He took some back. He did it again! Big sigh. We did the time out thing. He thought he was clever sassy clever boy. But he kinda knew he wasn’t.

After they finished eating (more like, after they left their food uneaten), they ran around with napkin holders up to their mouths singing and bellowing great tunes of their own creation. They were on cloud giddy nine.

I sat back in my chair and just watched my children run around and wondered how different it would be if we lived in a different setting, place, or time. “Seen and not heard” definitely did not apply here. They seemed so loud and brazen and in imminent danger of banging into a table leg or a wall, but they didn’t.

I wondered in the back of my mind what the Tiger Mother author would say of our household if she was watching. I’ve only read a couple pages of her book and I’m totally curious about more – I have a sneaking suspicion that we might be who she thinks of when she refers to as “western parents”.

Our kids were SO loud and so very much the center of attention, but when it came down to it, they knew the routines and expectations and the sense of right and wrong and they calmed down and brushed their teeth and hugged their grandparents and gave them real good-nights and went to bed feeling pretty on top of the world.

Which, of course means, that little boy did not fall straight asleep, but rather got out of bed several times to come check on me regarding Important Matters and have me say in a semi-serious voice with a smile on my face, “Get to bed my sweet little boy!!”

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