Funerals and Potlucks

So many thoughts today
But I am tired and the alarm is set to go off early
Went to a funeral at the Catholic Church followed by a potluck filled with traditional Eskimo food and then an Eskimo dance
Cried and cried some more
Loved the feast
Loved the music
Missed his voice and seeing him singing
Saw his family dance
And his friends dance
And elders dance
Saw people laugh and people cry and everybody pass babies around from arm to arm
Thought many thoughts
How funerals bring communities together in their grief
How funerals can be both empty and filling
How the swells of emotion are exhausting but cleansing
So many thoughts and feelings
And I’m just going to go to bed


Filed under Life in Alaska

2 responses to “Funerals and Potlucks

  1. Hard day. 😦 Good thoughts headed your way.

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